SmogShoppe wedding

Sandy & D's SmogShoppe wedding. Photo: Nancy Neil Photography

Sandy & Dararith’s amazing Cambodian wedding is currently featured on Once Wed — one of my favorite wedding blogs! It’s posted as three entries: A Cambodian Wedding, A Cambodian Wedding II, and A Cambodian Wedding III.

I was so inspired by the bold, beautiful Cambodian colors and SmogShoppe’s eclectic style. Take a peek at the photos and you’ll be inspired too!

Indian Themed Wedding

Nadine’s sister is having an Indian themed wedding. As the maid-of-honor, she requested a dramatic look that’s not overdone. We used some gorgeous jewel tone greens to play up her eyes, and gave her skin a glowy, sun-kissed look that complements the vibrant colors she’ll be wearing.


These are some shots of Crissy, who had a bridal shower garden party — such a cute idea! We decided on a color palette to match her beautiful flower arrangements of California poppies and purple daisies. The result is a very flirty look that suits her spunky personality perfectly.



Cat Cupcake Topper

Cat cupcake topper. Photo: Nancy Neil Photography

Last weekend, I was the makeup artist at Sandy & D’s big, phat Cambodian wedding at SmogShoppe in Los Angeles! The wedding consisted of a two-part Cambodian ceremony with a western wedding twist.

Wedding vows.

Wedding vows. Photo: Nancy Neil Photography

One of the challenges was to create a color palette that would work with the bride’s colorful Cambodian costumes as well as her western wedding dress. We decided to use a neutral palette that would complement all of the clothing ensembles, as well as her gorgeous red hair.

Bridal Hair & Makeup

Hair by Brian and makeup by Julie. Photo: Nancy Neil Photography

The result: An extremely natural look with impact! Beyond looking glamorous in person, the makeup photographed extremely well — the look a lasting memory.